Awards and Recognition

CAREGIVER OF THE MONTH AWARD  is given by the Resident Council.  The recipient receives a heart-shaped gold pin with a red gemstone.

JAN Latoya Wright C.N.A.
FEB Tondelaya Jackson C.N.A.
MAR Theresa Hodnett C.N.A.
APR Debbie Williams Ward Clerk
MAY Enola McGinnis L.P.N.
JUN Marnita Johnson Housekeeping
JUL Cherell Huntley L.P.N.
AUG Shandreacka McGhee C.N.A.
SEP Shannon Pearson C.N.A.
OCT DeQuana Allen Dietary
NOV Tracey Munson C.N.A.
DEC Keywanda Mitchell C.N.A.
JAN Latoya Wright C.N.A.
FEB Gaynell Thomas C.N.A.
MAR Denise Jones C.N.A.
APR Jessie Tigler C.N.A.
MAY Shirley Temple L.P.N.
JUN Kathleen Roberson C.N.A.
JUL Mondy Isaac C.N.A.
AUG Chantell Joseph C.N.A.
SEP Keidra Ponson C.N.A.
OCT Shandreacka McGhee C.N.A.
NOV Nicole Stewart C.N.A.
DEC Denise Jones C.N.A.

ANGELS AMONG US AWARD is given to an employee who demonstrates outstanding compassion towards residents and dedication to the facility through his/her daily actions. Residents and their families nominate recipients, who receive a gold angel pin with a blue gemstone.

JAN Patty Harris Therapy
FEB Stacey Alexander Dietary
MAR Keisha Jones L.P.N.
APR Ola Lewis Activities
MAY Camille Roche Dietary
JUN Karen Williams Dietary Supervisor
JUL Veronica Williams Dietary
AUG Sharon Dillard C.N.A.
SEP Ruthie Anderson Ward Clerk
OCT Sr. Catherine Riggs Director, Pastoral Care
NOV Alicia Guidry C.N.A.
DEC Sharon Dillard C.N.A.
JAN Beverly Adams L.P.N.
FEB Nekitha Brewer Housekeeping
MAR Melinda Monconduit Housekeeping
APR Arlene Ogg R.N.
MAY Joe Simon Maintenance
JUN Denise Jones C.N.A.
JUL Stacey Guest Dietary
AUG Chenell Preston C.N.A.
SEP Germaine Freeman L.P.N.
OCT Lakeisha Frazier Dietary
NOV Barbara Sciortino Payroll
DEC Mary Perez C.N.A.

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH AWARD is given to an employee who is recognized for outstanding service.  Department heads and supervisors select the recipients, who receive a gold star with a blue gemstone.   

JAN Nekitha Brewer Laundry
FEB Germaine Freeman L.P.N.
MAR Enola McGinnis L.P.N.
APR Ronnett Byes Dietary
MAY Mike Pugh Maintenance
JUN Patricia Bruce Environmental Supervisor
JUL Arlene Ogg R.N.
AUG Linda Hart Housekeeping
SEP Angel Bickham C.N.A.
OCT Valerie Smith L.P.N.
NOV Jorge Orellano Maintenance
DEC Tara Stevenson Dietary
JAN Loretta Miller C.N.A.
FEB Kim Bush Assistant Director, Dietary
MAR Kelly Boyd L.P.N.
APR Keidra Ponson C.N.A.
MAY Mondy Isaac C.N.A.
JUN Johnnie Robinson C.N.A.
JUL Louella Lewis Dietary
AUG Nicole Stewart C.N.A.
SEP Regina LaChute Administration
OCT Michelle McGinnis C.N.A.
NOV Newanda Joshua Transportation
DEC Kathy Plasse Director, Mission Integration


SERVICE EXCELLENCE AWARD is given by the Administrator. This award recognizes employees who have done exceptional work in the interest of Our Lady of Wisdom. The recipient  receives a wings-shaped gold pin with a green gemstone.

2015 Diesther Gaines R.N., Unit Manager
2015 Kim Bush Assistant Director, Dietary
2015 Regina LaChute Administration
2015 Rick Boudreaux Administration
2014 Lejhette Barnes Assistant DON
2014 Sandy Vinet MDS-LPN
2014 Gayland Thibodeaux MDS-LPN
2014 Sr. Michael Mary Gutowski, R.S.M. Board Chairperson
2013 Brother Larry Lundin, S.J. Board Member, Executive Committee
2013 Sr. Catherine Riggs, O. Carm. Director, Pastoral Care
2012 Barbara Sciortino Payroll
2011 Sr. Kateri Battaglia, M.S.C. Mission Advancement/Staff Development
2011 Peggy Lopez Billing/Accounts Receivable
2011 Kim Brooks Admissions
2011 Denise Davis Director of Nursing
2011 Romi Talbot Rehab, Occupational Therapist